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Multiple Re-entry Visa

Anyone without a full Panamanian passport needs a Multiple Re-Entry Visa (MRV) if they want to travel in and out of Panama.

This includes immigrants, permanent residents and visa-holders, as well as those who are in the process of applying for any of these. The MRV allows you to come and go as many times as you like, until the expiration date and/or as long as you are legally allowed to reside in Panama.

It takes approximately five (5) business days to process the MRV at the Immigration office.

The Validity of the MRV depends on your status:

    • If your residency visa is in process, the MRV will be valid for up to one (1) year, and no longer than the temporary residency visa.
    • If your residency application has been approved, the MRV will be valid for up to two (2) years, and no longer than your residency visa.

Required Documents for the Multiple Re-Entry Visa:

    • Two (2) passport sized pictures of the applicant.
    • Photocopy of valid passport of the applicant (and dependents - if applicable), including;
      • the picture page (that shows the picture, name, date of birth, passport number, place of issue, etc.)
      • all pages showing entry / exit stamps (ie. all pages used in the passport).
      • the photocopy of the passport should be notarized.

Visa Services

Panama Sol Realty staff will assist you in obtaining and completing all necessary documents. We will review, prepare and submit the application for you before the Department of Immigration.

For more information on the application process visit the Panama Government Forms Office (website is in Spanish only).