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Rentista Visa

The Rentista Visa (Private Income Retiree) is principally for those retirees who were self-employed, owned their own business or have received a retirement lump sum, rather than montly pension payments.

By making a five year term deposit at Panama's Banco Nacional that generates a minimum of $750/month in interest (roughly $220,000 at current rates), you (and any dependents) are granted a renewable temporary residence permit of five years. The monthly interest earned would be deposited directly into the applicants savings account and the applicant can withdraw the funds in the savings account at any time.

Unlike the Pensionado visa, the Rentista visa also entitles you to receive a limited Panamanian passport for travel purposes, renewable every five years; like the Pensionado however, you cannot apply for a full passport or naturalization. With the travel passport, you can come and go as freely as you like; you are not required to reside in Panama.

How to Apply

To make a certificate of deposit, or the five-year term deposit, the applicant must provide the following documents:

    • Complete photocopy of passports for applicant and dependents
    • Two (2) financial reference letters: these can be from any bank, brokerage firm or credit union. They should be on the financial institutions letterhead, signed by a representative of the financial institution, and show the contact information (address, tel, fax, email, etc.) for the reference to be verified.
    • Two (2) commercial reference letters: these can be from any company or professional (a company, attorney, accountant, etc.). They should be on the company or professional's letterhead, signed by a representative of the company (or the professional), and show the contact information (address, tel, fax, email, etc.) for the reference to be verified.
    • Two (2) personal reference letters: these can be from any person that you know (a friend, family member, doctor, lawyer, etc.). They should be signed by the person, and show the contact information (address, tel, fax, email, etc.) for the reference to be verified.

The applicant (and dependents) must also provide the following for the visa application:

    • Good Health Medical Certificate from Panama
    • Police report from the country where you have lived the last two years
    • 2 Complete copies of passport
    • 8 Passport-sized photos
    • Marriage certificate (for dependent spouse); must be official
    • Birth certificate (for dependent children under 18 years of age)

Please note:

These documents (except the Health Certificate) should be gathered before arriving in Panama;

    • All official documents must be issued within 3 months of application
    • No copies of official documents will be accepted (except in the case of the passport)
    • All documents must be notarized and certified by the nearest Panama consulate** in your country
    • Certified translations of all non-Spanish documents by a recognized public office translator in Panama are also required
    • Your passport should be valid for at least six months from the date you apply for residency
    • If you wish to leave Panama and re-enter during the application process, you must apply for a Multiple Reentry Visa
    • Two short visits to the Immigration Department in Panama will be necessary, to register your passport, and to take the picture for your Permanent Resident card once the application is approved; otherwise you need not remain in Panama for the application process.

** Countries participating in Hague Apostille Convention can also have their documents apostilled by designated authorities. In the US, these include court clerks and deputies, and secretaries of state.

Visa Services

We will assist you in gathering all the necessary documentation to ensure the process is as smooth and unhindered as possible. Once all the documents are in place, we will review, prepare and submit the application on your behalf with Panama's Department of Immigration.

For more information on the application process visit the Panama Government Forms Office (website is in Spanish only).