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 Finding the flora and fauna of Panama

Steve Fallon Lonely Planet Writer    

While people often think of Panama in terms of its namesake canal, hat, and city, this little country is more than industry and urban glamour: it has a wild side. From resplendent quetzals ... More

 Panama is one of the most important cities in real estate market

The real estate sector in many Latin American cities has reached very high levels of development, and cities such as Sao Paulo, Santiago, Lima and Bogota, are characterized by a significant growth in ... More

 Phase 4 of Coastal Strip Already Being Designed (Around Paitilla and Punta Pacifica)

While construction of Phase 3 of the Coastal Strip continues, plans to build Phase 4 are already starting to take shape among the projects of the Ministry of Public Works (MOP). The route of the new road ... More

 Panama Launches "Metro Bus" System

Central America Data - The first contract for "Metro Bus", a new transportation system, will be awarded on March 29th, 2010.

This project will renew the current bus fleet with air conditioned, high capacity vehicles, but will commence with existing ... More