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First draft of the Fourth Bridge project on the Panama Canal

In a symbolic act that constitutes the beginning of the construction works of the Fourth Bridge over the Canal, the first stroke of this megaproject design and construction was placed by the authorities and executives of the Panama Cuarto Puente consortium formed by the companies China Communications Construction Company LTD and China Harbor Engineering Company LTD.

The bridge will have an extension of 3,950 meters, contemplating the length of the cable-stayed bridge and its road system, consisting of access viaducts and interchanges.

The first stroke marks the beginning of the construction phase that has five work fronts, which will advance simultaneously, along the alignment of the project. it is estimated according to the execution schedule, that the works finish in a period of 54 months.

The fourth bridge over the Panama Canal has an investment amount of $ 1,420,027,324.73. It is expected to directly benefit the circulation of more than 130 thousand daily vehicles that move, according to estimates between the provinces of Panama and Panama West.

The work currently employs 420 people directly and indirectly.