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Panama receives World Youth Day cross

A GROUP  of young Panamanians received  a four meter cross that has traveled the world for 33 years  since Pope John Paul II gave it to the youth of Rome  at the end of the  1984 Holy Year of Redemption.

The cross is destined for Panama and the World Youth  Day (WYD)  in 2019  and was handed  over by the the youth of Krakow, Poland, site of the last WYD.

The cross will reach the isthmus after being carried through a number of Latin American countries, starting with Mexico says Archbishop

Domingo Ulloa Mendieta,

From Mexico it will descend through all the countries of Central America on a route marking    the route in the other direction of migrants and drawing attention to marginalized youth, victims of drug and human trafficking.

The cross will arrive in Panama in the middle of May. The cross will arrive in Panama Mid-May. Where it will remain  before starting a tour of the Caribbean